Hey! Welcome to the fun near the water photo quiz!

Things to see and do
Photo 1: Fly a kite Photo 2: Watch seagulls play with the wind

Photo 3: Take a ferry

(to Devonport in Auckland)

Flying a kite

seagulls Devonport ferry
Photo 4: Look at fish from a glass bottom boat at Leigh Marine Sanctuary Photo 5: Have lunch in a historic steamboat on Lake Rotorua

Photo 6: Go for a walk on the

beach with friends

Leigh tourism steamboat restraurant beach walk
Photo 7: Go kayaking on the River Avon, Christchurch

Photo 8: Go fishing off the rocks at Waipu

Photo 9:Check out the cave

at Te Henga Beach, Auckland

kayaking Waipufisher cave
Photo 10: Write a word in the sand Photo 11: Play at Waipu Cove

Photo 12: Walk to a waterfall

Writing in the sand

Waipu Cove Oakely Creek Waterfall in the bush
Things to see or do near water Quiz
Things to see and do near water quiz.
Click the circle on the left of the best answer. Check your answers at the bottom with the 'Well...How did I do ?' button.
1. Which photo has got the shadow of the photographer?
a) 10.
b) 9.
c) 3.
d) 4.

2. Which photo is about eating a meal near a lake?
a) 1.
b) 3.
c) 5.
d) 7.
3. Which photos are about boats?
a) 9,10,11,12.
b) 3,4,11, 12.
c) 3,4,5,7.

4. Which photos have not got any people in them?
a) 2,3,12.
b) 1,2,3.
c) 2,3,4

5. The tree beside the kayaker has bright yellow flowers.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given

Here is a link to some photos of New Zealand beaches.