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Things to see and do in August in New Zealand.
picture 1 picture 2 picture 3
1. Fog
2. Frost
3. Snow
picture 4 picture 5 picture 6
4. Relaxing after skiing
5. Heliskiing
6. Jonquils (cream),daffodils (yellow) and a lamb

Photos 1-3 (across) are the weather conditions in August: Fog on Mt Pukematekeo in Auckland, frost on the grass in the morning and snow on the mountains with Lake Wanaka below.

Photos 4 and 5 (across) are about skiing. (Thanks for the photos Kit.)
In photo 4, two guys are relaxing and having a beer after skiing on Mt Ruaphehu in the North Island.
In photo 5, there are skiiers, who have been heliskiing near Mt Cook in the South Island. There is a helicopter in the background.

Photo 6 is jonquils and daffodils, which you can see in the North Island (and in Cornwall Park next to One Tree Hill in Auckland). If you are lucky you will see lambs (baby sheep) and early spring flowers together there.

1. Raw pumpkin( not ready to eat yet).
2. Pumpkin and onion soup.
3. Grapefruit
picture 7 picture 8 picture 9
Photo 1 and 2 is pumpkin. This vegetable is orange inside, grown in summer and stored for use in soup (the middle photo). Sometime we roast or boil it.
Grapefruit (photo 3) is a common fruit tree in the garden and Kiwis eat grapefruit for breakfast or juice the fruit or make it into mamalade. Mamalade is a kind of jam and you put it on toast.

August Quiz
Click the correct answer buttons on the left and check your answers with the 'Well...How did I do? button.'
1. What kind of weather conditions can you see in August?
a) Frost.
b) Fog.
c) Snow.
d)All of the above.

2. What are the two men in photo 4 doing?
a) Not talking to each other because they have had an argument.
b) Snowbathing.
c) Looking at the view.
d) Relaxing and drinking a beer after skiing.

3. Pumpkin soup is made with chicken stock and pumpkin.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given

4. There are lambs and daffodils in Cornwall Park in August.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given

5. Heliskiing means the helicopter pulls the skiier along.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given