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ESOL teachers who complain of the death of New Zealand material to use in class will welcome this book.   Those who have been teaching over ten years, may remember the first edition.  The new edition has some useful additions.  The appendices include Maori words used in the book, as well as common Kiwi expressions.  There is also a page for the learner to record his/her own examples.  Beautiful large iconic photos  and the inclusion of five breathtaking drawings by Nancy Adams add to the New Zealand character. Teachers will also value the two maps of New Zealand on the inside covers.  The first is featureless and unnamed, while the second has lakes, rivers, mountains, harbours all named. The vocabulary cards sheet for each unit feature the word and an illustration on one card, and a second card with the meaning.
The chatty, active style of the units should not disguise the well-thought through communicative activities.  These exercises will certainly get the students talking, and allow for active participatory learning styles. Best of all, 'Weather ...... or not' has been written with affection for the New Zealand lifestyle, and mentions hundreds of things that are unique to this country.
Annette Sachtleben
Senior Lecturer
School of Languages
Auckland University of Technology