Gidday! Welcome to the February photo quiz!


Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
1: a spider
2. a stick insect
3. a fly
4. a moth

Photos 1-4 are the living things that you see around your house now!
Photo 1 is a spider, the rest are insects - a stick insect, a fly and a moth.
Insects have got 6 legs and spiders have got 8. Moths are 'night butterflies'. Stick insects look like sticks!!

Things to do
picture 5 Picture 6 picture 7 picture 8
5. A barbecue (BBQ)
6. Swimming at Whatipu (a west coast beach in Auckland)
7. Go surfing at Te Henga (a west coast beach in Auckland)
8. Go sailing! Here are the Auckland Viaduct Basin yachts
picture 9
8.Go camping! Thanks for the camping photo Maureen!

Popular activities in February include surfing and swimming at the beach, barbecues in the back yard, camping and in Auckland sailing or just looking at sailboats at the Downtown Viaduct while you are having a drink!

picture 10 picture 11 picture 12  
9. Capsicums
10. Corn on the cob
11. An avocado and a mango

Photos 9-11 Summer fruit and vegetables
Photo 9: There are many colours of capsicums - red, and green.
You can also buy orange and yellow peppers. This is their other name.
Photo 10 shows corn on the cob which is a popular way to eat corn in NZ.
Photo 11 shows avocados (on the left) and mangoes, which are cheap now.

Apple season starts and strawberries end. NZ cherries and melons are cheapest now!


February Quiz

Things to see and do in February quiz.
Try not to look back and read the text or look at the photos before you answer.
1. Insects
a) are scary.
b) have got 6 legs unless they lose one or it gets eaten by something!
c) can all fly and look like sticks.
d) are all of the above.

2. At barbecues
a) people drink and chat.
b) people cook food on a BBQ.
c) you can see people having a good time.
d all of the above is true.

3. At the Auckland Downtown Viaduct
a) you can see sailboats.
b) there is a big viaduct bridge.
c) there is a big drain.
d) none of the above is true.

4. Popular things to do in February are
a) going to the city to watch birds.
b) killing insects.
c) activities near water.
d) going on a diet because fruit and vegetables are cheap.

5. Capsicums are not just green.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given

6. Avocados are larger than mangos.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given

7. You can go surfing at Te Henga Beach.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given