Gidday! Welcome to the photo quiz.

Things to see and do
picture 1 picture 2 picture 3
1. Flowers for Mother's Day
2. Netball game - NZ basketball
3. Rugby and a rainbow
picture 4 picture 5 picture 6
4. A shorn sheep, grapefruit tree and woodpile
5. Grapes at the vineyard
6. Autumn leaves and persimmons

Photos 1-3:
Give your mother flowers for Mother's Day! Or you can pick them from the garden!
Young women play netball at the weekend and young guys play Rugby or soccer.
Can you see the rainbow in the sky above the Rugby field?
Photos 4-6 are things that you see around now!
photo 4 is a shorn sheep (the outer wool is removed with shears) near a grapefruit tree and firewood ready for burning in the foreground.
Photo 5 is a vineyard where leaves on grapevines are changing colour!
Photo 6 shows the colour of leaves on other introduced trees eg persimmons

7. Brocolli and cauliflower
8. Mandarins
9. Persimmons
picture 7 picture 8 picture 9
10. Feijoas
  picture 10  

Photos 7-10: Autumn vegetables and fruit
Photo 7: Brocolli is a green vegetable and cauliflower is white. They are both popular boiled or in stir fries.
Photo 8: Mandarins are good for colds and flu because they have a lot of vitamin C.
Photo 9: Persimmon are orange and the leaves are red now.

Photo 10: Feijoas are green outside, creamy inside, smell beautiful and taste yummy!


May Quiz


Read the text carefully, look at the photos before you answer and choose the best answer.

1. Mother's Day is
a) in May.
b) when you give your mother extra love.
c) when shops want you to buy flowers or other gifts for your mother.
d) all of the above.

2. The weather in the photo of the girls playing netball is
a) sunny.
b) fine.
c) overcast (grey).
d) rainy.

3. There is a rainbow behind the Rugby players.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given

4. Sheep only eat grass.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given

5. Persimmon leaves are red or orange in autumn.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given