All publications have now been combined into an iBook series: 'Weather...Or Not'. This includes some of the units from 'Keeping Culture in Mind' and 'Keeping Culture in Mind' and'Throw Away Your Dictionary!'

All of the materials in the books below are embedded into the third edition (series) of 'Weather...Or Not'. There are 12 books altogether with 2 for free: January Weather...Or Not & February Weather...Or Not.

Open iBooks on any iOS device (iPhone, ipad etc) and search for January Weather...Or Not.

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Both 'Throw Away Your Dictionary!' and 'Keeping Culture in Mind' series can be downloaded from the Home page.

For Android devices, I'm afraid the format is nowhere near as nice or easy to use. However, I am going to continue to work on them once the last of the iBook Weather...Or Not series (September, October, November and December) are published later this year.


Throw Away Your Dictionary! NOW UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY.

ISBN 0-9583265-7-6 112pp $35:00


A workbook suitable for strong elementary to Intermediate students. Useful for teaching and practising strategies for guessing unknown words in context. Homework, self study or small group activities in classrooms of teenage to retired students. Trialed in High Schools and polytechs. The emphasis is on discovery and problem solving and encourages self anaylsis. NOW UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY.




The 'Weather...Or Not' ESOL Series New Zealand English Language Activities by Yvonne and Bill Hynson.

Weather or not

Weather... Or Not 2nd Edition NOW UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY.

Vocabulary Sheet -
for each month (copy & cut into cards). Relevant English for each month of the year.
Monthly Activities -
Reading and discussion Activities, surveys, problem solving, information gaps, cultural exchange, writing exercises. IELTS style practise activities.
Illustrations -
22 full page New Zealand photos and illustrations.
Aotearoa Weather Game Appendices -
with New Zealandisms and Maori words from the book, Public Holidays, NZ Maps and Pronunciation.
ISBN 0-9583265-7-6 112pp $36:00 + $3 P&P




Teachers Edition

Teacher's Book 2nd Edition NOW UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY.

Covers every lesson in detail.
Lots of ways to expand the lessons with Additional Activities to over 100 hours of activities.
ISBN 0-9583265-8-4 32pp $12:95 + $3 P&P


Weather 2 or not

Weather 2 Or Not - The Work Book NOW UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY.

Each month has four activities:
Puzzles and vocabulary revision for Weather Or Not, Word Building and vocabulary extension.
Answers and Teacherís Section.
ISBN 0-9583265-5-X 62pp $22:95 + $2:95 P&P

Puzzles book

Weather...Or Not - Puzzles NOW UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY.

A Mystery Word and a Word Find for each month of the year to revise vocabulary for Weather Or Not and extend general knowledge of New Zealand way of life.
Answers and Teachers Section.
ISBN 0-9583265-6-8 34pp $19:95 + $2:95 P&P