This Months Activities

There are lots of choices now. Do you learn best by reading and looking at photos, by listening and repeating language, singing in English or by watching a video? Or are you interested in cultural exploration or just games?

About Culture - 16 units of interactive pdf for your PC, tablet or smartphone. To write in the units, download but open with Adobe Acrobat reader app (free).

If want to learn about reading strategies, you can win a free hard copy book. This month write the missing letters in the sentence about the thing in the photo. OR just check out the games sites I have found!

New Zealand Music Listening and looking: This Months Video Quiz

This link (below and above) is for photo and reading practice in December.

photo quiz for December

Video quiz about black water rafting


My photo collection:

Local Shopping Center Santa Parade

UK & Scotland 2017

Art from photo apps

Latest South Island photos 2016

Latest photos of Great Britain April & May 2015

South Island 'tiki tour' in January 2014

More South Island pics 2014

Auckland to Palmerston North Road Trip

Wellington photos 2012 & 2014

Bee swarm in spring 2013

Click above for lots of Youtube links to popular singers, bands, their songs and the lyrics (words to their songs).

All the good times are past and gone....

(Yvonne and Bill with Rose playing guitar)


Lorde with Royals

Listen to Lorde talk to Kim Hill on National Radio (NZ)

This link (below)

is for the second page about NZ music


Most New Zealand cultural events are always celebrated with chocolate.

Vocabulary for the Chocolate song

Match the rhyming words

The Chocolate Song written by Marcus Turner

April song vocabulary comprehension

Chocolate game review


Maori Creation Story

(Do the two activities with a partner)



Do you want to learn more about music?

Listen to Bill...

Do you like SPORT?? The link (above) in the blue bar is to listen to more New Zealanders talk: Rugby, holidays, sailing a waka etc.

Listen and read to become comfortable with the New Zealand accent. I am adding new videos all the time.

'Keeping Culture in Mind' Book 1 &2 and interactive cultural materials

Vocabulary links, quizzes, interactive PDF for 3 units and a poll !

These are my favourite sites to recommend to learners of English.

Fun ways to learn: games

This link (above) is the competition page. It changes every month but the prize is always the same! A hard copy ESOL book of lessons.

For December win a hard copy of a book to help you guess the meaning of unknown words in texts.

What are the missing letters in the word?


Send your answer using CONTACTS in the menu bar.

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1. Choose one of the photos above to link to the name of the podcast. To read the text click 'info' top right. Or go straight to the website with the

'Listening to podcasts' link or RSS feed link above if you are having difficulty seeing all the information.

The latest podcasts are from my latest book 'Keeping Culture in Mind' and iBooks 'Weather...Or Not' and are ready now. There is also a silly song for kids - well my daughters loved it!

My ESOL class loves jazz chants, music and poetry.

There is also a lot of dictation for listening practice. The December dictation is under the photo of a popular beach on Auckland's North Shore.

You have to buy or get Carolyn Graham's book out of a library to see the words for some of the jazz chants.

2. Bush walks with powerpoints (8.4-15MB) to help with the names of New Zealand trees.



This bar link (above) has vocabulary free lessons about this month's culture in New Zealand. There are also some other free lessons about culture from past months.


lots of activities to review collocation, meaning and word family of high frequency words for NZ in November.


Use 'Search' at the top of Quizlet and type YVONZ:

Quizlet for the first 2000 word list and New Zealand culture from 'Keeping Culture in Mind' series

Intermediate textbook vocabulary etc



These are my favourite sites to recommend to learners of English.

Interactive language games

'Keeping Culture in Mind' Book 1 &2 and interactive cultural materials