Part 2 of Julie's honeymoon in Crabi, Thailand.

Julie talks about things to do and see at Crabi.

Welcome to the new video quiz pages.
This is the page to learn more about New Zealand culture by listening to Kiwis talk. Each Kiwi is passionate about something different. This video is part two of Julie's honeymoon with her husband in Crabi, Thailand. Julie is passionate about hot weather and loves going on holiday to hot places. Her second video is below.

I will add lots more video clips about Rugby, scuba diving, carving and sailing a waka and more so keep coming back!!


1. The clip will take a few minutes to download so read the questions. They start easy and get harder! Check your answers - Well how did I do? - after listening. Try the first time without looking at the transcipt !
(Transcript means the words that Julie says.)

2. If you are coming to New Zealand, you will need to get used to the Kiwi accent. If you are studying here, then listen to the way Julie says fillers like umm, arhh, etc and practise repeating them.
Look at the transcript again and look at WHERE Julie ...(pauses) to think about the best word and look for words to use when you don't know the exact word eg sort of.  This helps you with your speaking because you know WHERE to stop and make the sound noise 'um/ah' etc in a sentence and WHERE to pause in a conversation.

3. Don't look at the transcript and make notes. I hope to have documents soon showing key words, mindmaps etc!

4. Read the transcript and listen  to the interview at the same time to increase your reading speed. Julie talks fast so this is good practice!!

1. Julie
a) went for a swim in a lagoon.
b) went to an island near Crabi.
c) lay in the sun and walked around the island.
d) all of the above.
2. Julie saw
a) dangerous things on the island.
b) snakes.
c) an aggressive monkey.
d) spiders.
3. The tourists
a) came on the boat with Julie and her husband.
b) were kind to the monkey.
c) attacked the monkey.
d) told Julie to leave.
4. Julie stayed
a) in Thailand for ten nights.
b) in Bangkok for eleven or twelve nights.
c) in Crabi for ten nights.
d) None of the above.
5. The highlight was the climate.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given
6. Julie went by boat to Thailand.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given
7. Julie had seafood for dinner every night.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given