Comparing cultural knowledge!

Welcome to the page about culture - my new series with lots of other useful sites and activities: 'Keeping Culture In Mind' and 'Keeping Culture In Mind Too'.

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Individual units, except Entry units for both books which are FREE, are available for ipads, tablets or smartphones with text fields for writing, mulitple choice questions, check boxes and continuum lines for US$0.99c each from - use the search & enter 'Keeping Culture In Mind'. All other units do NOT have text fields for writing but are still useable for discussions, vocabular, listening and other links.



From 'Keeping Culture In Mind Too! -Book 1:

Unit 1 Quiz- How different is your culture?

Unit 2 Quiz-Who decides about your future?

Unit 3 Quiz- Education in your culture

Unit 4 Quiz- The approach to jokes, literature and poetry

Unit 4 Quiz- Differences between speakers in New Zealand

Unit 5 Quiz-About the family. Are you an individualist or a collectivist or somewhere in between?


From 'Keeping Culture In Mind Too! -Book 2:

Unit 1- What do New Zealanders own and give?

Unit 4- Religion






Here are the two interactive pdf books with 8 units in each for reading only. To write in them, open with Adobe pdf reader (free app), click or touch any word or line, then click or touch 'text' to write.

Keeping Culture In Mind!

Keeping Culture In Mind too!

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Individual units as interactive pdf:

To write in a unit, download but open with Adobe PDF reader app (free). To read and talk, just download and open.

Keeping Culture In Mind (KCIM) Elementary -Intermediate

Units 1-6 correspond to January to June in New Zealand.

Keeping Culture In Mind Too! (KCIM2 units):

Preintermediate -Upper intermediate

Units 1-6 correspond to July to December in New Zealand.

What do you know about other cultures - choose a country

Use the guides to determine how much you know about the cultures of the world.




1. Which is the biggest meal in the day?






1.a. All of the units from 'Keeping Culture In Mind' have Quizlet sets for you to practise with (KCIM).

Click the links under the unit name.

1.b. All of the units from 'Keeping Culture In Mind too' have Quizlet sets for you to practise with (KCIM2).

Click the links under the unit name.


2. Body language for an interview