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Click the menu link above to see 2012 screencasts and 1,2 and 3 below- or go to the Home page - click Professional Development link and look under teaching link for more links and information.

1. ' Flipping the Classroom'/Screencasts for writing feedback July/August 2011 (See Wordpress Teaching as above)

2. 2008 CLESOL Workshop 'Throw Away Your Dictionary!' This was repeated in house for English Language Academy teachers December 2008.

3. Other handouts to teachers from workshops I did in 2006 and earlier.


Click the menu link above to see old photo quizzes from 2008 including the Christmas Parade photo quiz. If you are coming to New Zealand or are here already and want to learn more, then go and learn about our culture through photos.



Bush Walk 1 (8.4MB so it will take 8 or more minutes)

Just the text for Bushwalk 1