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Guitar Teacher

and Bill's bands

Do you want to learn English through music? Bill's books contain lots of songs which are well known by New Zealanders and played at parties.

Need a band? The Wanted Men is one band Bill plays in but there are others:

Jazz bands and Irish bands

Free: a pdf of 'Throw Away Your Dictionary', an article for TESOL and my own recipes.
Trevor's art site Trevor is an artist in Sydney who has done some of the graphics for my books.
The NZ Site Did you like learning about New Zealand culture through photos? This site is regularly updated by Alistair, another New Zealand English teacher and has got lots of great photos about nature, land and seascapes and underwater photos.
Your English online. Learn social, business, workplace and exam English on New Zealand's leading English language site. An award winning New Zealand based English language learning site that offers everyday, business, workplace, job search and exam English
NZ Pages Are you thinking of coming to visit or learn English in New Zealand? This site has got a lot of useful contacts for travel, things to do and business.
NZ Met Service

This is my favourite weather page for New Zealand with lots of diagrams and easy to understand charts!

If you want safe, comfortable and friendly homestay when you come to NZ then
contact Jeanette at Dunbar homestay. Homestay is a great way to learn English
really fast.
Password ESOL magazine A New Zealand magazine for ESOL students and teachers. It contains easy to read articles and exercises about New Zealand life, written by experienced, practising teachers.
Conversity Across Cultures... is a set of 48 cards which spark conversations to explore cultural differences, uncover similarities and find common ground. These are great for language learning and cultural awareness. Topics range from greetings, names, gift giving and table manners to less visible aspects of culture , such as showing feelings, being on time and decision making. Order your set from
Russell Stannard's Teaching site Great instructions for web 2.0 tools.
Nik Peachey's learner tools 5 or more pages of great web 2.0 tools for learning.
Other sites outside of New Zealand: I have checked each site but take no responsibility.


A great site for teachers which offers the widest range of TESOL certification courses that certification courses that are internationally recognized and accredited.
Tutorhunt We provide a completely free service for both tutors and students to locate each other. We are used by thousands of parents/students and feel Tutor Hunt would be a useful resource for your readers.
Distance learning courses with RDI
Tourism degree from RDI Hong Kong

The travel and tourism industry is globally booming with a rise in the curiosity of people to trot around the globe. A tourism degree is your need to grab a lucrative career opportunity in this industry. Get details of online courses on tourism from RDI Hong Kong.

Online Degree If you want to earn a degree while working from well recognized Universities and Colleges - Contact The Degree Experts
Language School in Spain

Spanish language school in Alicante, Enforex, Spain. Courses for adults and for students. City of the Spanish Levant, Alicante has a magnificent location on the shores of the Costa Blanca, dazzling with light. The school has different courses and many accommodation and leisure opportunities.

Business and Marketing
Women in Vancouver
Trade Schools
Medical Revision Books
Part Time Management courses
Online TESOL courses ESL Certified is an online TESOL Course Provider. We offer 12 professional online ESL, TEFL, and TESOL certification courses forteaching English abroad. ESL job placement assistance provided after graduation.
Spaans leren in Buenos Aires Spaans leren bij AMAUTA in Argentinië. Talenschool in Buenos Aires. Cursus Spaans, vrijwilligerswerk, accommodatie en tours. Leer de Spaanse taaleren bij AMAUATA in Peru en Argentinië. Talenscholen in Cusco en Buenos Aires. Cursus Spaans, vrijwilligerswerk, accommodatie en tours. Leer de Spaanse taal
Sia licence is an advisory website to guide individuals in the right direction to gain SIA Security Licence.
Computing Degree Courses
Photography Degrees Best photography colleges and schools in the USA.
Motorrijschool groningen Bent u opzoek naar een hoogwaardige motorrijschool in Groningen? U bent bij motorrijschool groningen 1-2Ride aan het juiste adres: de beste instructeurs voor een betaalbare prijs!
Study Spanish in Argentina Learn Spanish in Burenos Aires at AMAUTA Spanish School: Spanish Classes, Spanish Immersion and volunteer work. Sudy Spanish now.
A escola de Espanhol AMAUTA, que fica na América do Sul, te oferece a oportunidade única de estudar e aprender a língua espanhola imerso na cultura argentina.
Travel Guide Buenos Aires Travel guide to Buenos Aires Argentina, city travel and adventure travel, hotels, Spanish schools.
Travel Agency Lima Travel agencies Lima, Peru
Volunteer work in Latin America Volunteer Programs provide the unique opportunity to live and work in South America. Volunteer in Peru, Argentina, Chile etc. Experience the cultural diversity of Latin America while volunteering.
Touren in Peru Das Reisebüro und der Inka Trail Operator Dos Manos in Cusco, Peru. Reisen, Abenteuerreisen und Ausflüge in Peru. Ebenso Trekking, Hotels, Machu Picchu, Puno, Arequipa, Amazon
Study Spanish in Ecuador
Study Abroad in Argentina Gateway Argentina has custom Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion Programs. study and Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Volunteer or take a specialized course.
Hotels in Peru Hotels and Lodging options in Peru: Cusco, Machupicchu, Ollantaytambo, Urubamba
Trinidad Carbajal Caro
English Language lab system Orell Digital Language Lab (ODLL) is a full function system that leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver a truly state-of-the-art language learning solution that is becoming increasingly popular with public schools and professional colleges.
Learn Spanish Learn Spanish in our Spanish school in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco Peru, Spanish courses, volunteer work. Also Spanish classes in Cusco and Manu.
Study Spanish in Peru Study Spanish Language in Peru. Study Spanish in three different places enigmatic Inca Empire: the archeological capital Cusco, the Sacred Valley of Incas and Rainforest of Manu.
News Argentina News about Argentina....
Study Spanish Peru Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru at AMAUTA Spanish Language School: Spanish Classes and Spanish Immersion, volunteer work. Study  Spanish  now.
Cusco Peru Cuzco and Peru Travel information. Find information about archeological places in Cusco and Peru, Cuzco history, excursions in Cusco, Peru photo tours and more.
Spanish Schools Buenos Aires Spanish school in Buenos Aires: Spanish courses, volunteer work, tours. Also Spanish lessons in Bariloche and Cusco Peru.
Spanish Schools Cartagena The best Spanish Schools in Caragena, Columbia.
About Arequipa About Arequipa Peru Travel Guide. Find information about Hotels, tourist information, photo tour, hotel in Arequipa, history tourist attractions, Coca Canyon tours.
Peru Travel Your Travel guide to South America, full of tips, updated information and news, maps, photos and comments of travellers.
Volunteer work South America Becoming a volunteer in South America is an exciting and rewarding experience that will change your life. Prepare before you travel by researching each of the Latin American countries that your are interested in doing volunteer work in. Some specialize in certain types of volunteer jobs more so than others so it is imporatnt to be informed.
Learn Spanish Learn Spanish in Latin America with AMAUTA! To best learn the Spanish language, choose a Spanish school that provides you with more than just Spanish lessons.