Powerpoint for the workshop 'Throw Away Your Dictionary' 4.4MB

'Throw Away Your Dictionary' is the name of my reading skills book which has a section in each unit on guessing unknown words in context. It is currently being trialed at four schools. Unit 2 is free for you to see and try out yourself with your students. Students are also welcome to download it and try. You need good Broadband because it is 4.4MB.

20th of May 2006 Teacher Training Day at GEOS Auckland Language Centre. Nuts and Bolts and Drills workshop - hands on drill practice. This handout includes a mindmap and preparation. What is missing are the drills. There are a lot of books out there on drills. This workshop was about how to practically implement them into your classroom dynamics. The 'Streamline' Series by Hartley and Viney, O.U.Press 1978 has some of the best drills I have seen.
Nuts, Bolts and Drills handout.
Old Favourites Workshop - Story telling.    

GEOS Auckland Language Centre Teacher Training Day in May 2006 In House teachers' workshop and in April on story telling with Crown Institute of Studies/ESOL Dept. There was a regular handout in text and a mindmap, which was the overview. The overview is missing letters to make it more interesting but if you cannot work out what the word is contact me through Contact on the home page. There is also a handout which is preparation for 'have collocation' activity which is in the form of a mindmap with simple picture categories:love, meals, education, health, water, the five senses, without talking, with speech and fun - formal and informal.
Old Favourites mindmap
Have collocation mindmap setup
Old Favourites text handout

In House teachers' pronunciation workshops.    

January and February 2006 with Crown English.
November and December 2005 In house workshops with GEOS Auckland language Centre teachers.
"Stressed out and connected" was on stress and connected speech.
"Mmmmm!" focused on phonemes and intonation.
There are mind map overviews and handouts for both workshops.

December 2005 Mmmmm! workshop pdf
December 2005 workshop overview pdf
November 2005 Stressed out and connected ! workshop pdf
November 2005 Stressed out and connected ! workshop overview pdf

Three repeated Masterclass workshops 'Thinking on your feet' held at ALC on the 28th of May 2005.
May ALC/Masterclass workshop mindmap/overview pdf
July workshops: 'Pulling Teeth/Making questions' with Home tutors of east and south Auckland.
Home tutor workshops pdf      
July 31 'Getting Beginners going'
In house workshop with Auckland Language Centre teachers and teacher trainees.
This is an overview/mindmap and all the vowels are missing!!!
If you are interested in something you see but don't understand,
contact me through the Contact link.

July 31 2005 ALC Teaching Beginners workshops pdf