'Throw Away Your Dictionary!' pdf of the textbook with all units 1-10. Download and print out or just write your answers on your own screen or paper. Answers are at the end of each unit.

In 2018 the links are to fun activities in LearningApps.org.

ANZAC Day reading cloze

ANZAC Day comprehension

April Crossword




March words memory game 1

March words memory game 2

Holiday wordfind - big one! For two players. Use the slider and also make it big with the top right symbol with 4 small arrows.


February comprehension

Vocabulary match for February

February vocabulary match listening to help with pronunciation



January reading - 'Got Your Togs?' The task is to find the proper nouns and click on them. You can then do the other reading tasks:

January reading 'Got Your Togs?' - Linking. The task this time is to click words that may link to the word togs (swimsuit) is some way.

A horse race with reference words for 'Got Your Togs?'

Multiple Choice comprehension for 'Got Your Togs?'

General Knowledge about January in New Zealand Millionaire's game


December Vocabulary activities


bull roarer

November Vocabulary activities

Life in November in New Zealand

bull roarer

October vocabulary activities

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September Daylight Saving

Which countries have Daylight Saving in the world?

September mystery word

bull roarer


August vocabulary activities

Vocabulary match, crossword, pronunciation of useful words for life in New Zealand in August.

Place names for New Zealand in August.

bull roarer

Reading about New Zealand game - choose the best heading or what does the word(s) refer to? Correct? You win $$$$

Put the words about July into groups

July Mystery word puzzle

How has climate and geography shaped New Zealand's resources? Read then click the button on the map. Click 'Confirm' to check your answer.

bull roarer

Learn about June in New Zealand with an 'Odd Man Out' quiz

Learn about June in New Zealand with a crossword with 2 mystery words

Cold word building - choose the best word (compound noun), idiom or phrase.

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Learn about May in New Zealand with a quiz

May Crossword

May information comprehension

bull roarer

Final4FebTAYD copy

Interactive fun learning:

April Easter Text - non-religious for reference words

April Easter Text comprehension

April in New Zealand high frequency vocabulary match

April Crossword

April vocabulary memory game


bull roarer

March matching vocabulary interactive game

March matching vocabulary interactive game 2


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