Gidday! Welcome to the October photo quiz!

Christchurch had a bad earthquake in September 2010: 7.1

It caused a lot of damage but luckily there were only a few casualties.

However, it's a beautiful city in spring and there are still things to see and do in Christchurch !

picture 1 picture 2 picture 3
1. Kayaking.
2. Punting.
3. Cherry blossoms.
picture 5
4. The tram.
5. A busker at the Arts Centre market.
6. Daffodil sculpture in the daffodils.

Photos 1-6 are about tourist activities in Christchurch.
The top ones are on the River Avon - kayaking and punting. Both are reasonable prices.
Go for a walk beside the River Avon. The native Kowhai is also full of yellow flowers at this time of year (behind the blue kayak) on the river banks and there are (Japanese) cherry trees blossoming. There are daffodil sculptures in the daffodils in the park to see as well as baby ducklings.
The tram is great value and you can get on and off all day for the same price.
There is a tram every 15 minutes or so. On Sunday it takes you to the market in the Arts Centre.
You can buy great souvenirs here, eat and listen to buskers (street musicians).

Here is a link sets of photos I took in the autumn of this year at Christchurch at Moodlemoot April 2010 (a conference for e-learning). Colleagues from Unitec, Auckland are also in this set. Double click on the small photos to make them bigger and leave a comment!

picture 6 picture 7
7. Halloween devil costume. 8. More Halloween party costumes. 9. Strawberries.

Photos 7-8 are from Halloween.
New Zealanders have parties and wear costumes but don't usually go 'trick and treating' like Americans.

Photo 9 is the first of this season's strawberries in punnets.

picture 9 picture 11
10. A puppy.
11. Two cute kittens.
12. Several puppies.
Photos 10-12 are about baby animals you can see in October in pet shops and in people's homes.
These puppies (baby dogs) were in a pet shop in Brown's Bay, Auckland and the kittens belong to my daughter Fern.

Our October Photo Quiz
1. What are the special names for baby cats and dogs?
a) Kitty cats and doggies.
b) Kittens and puppies.
c) Baby cats and dogs.
d) Rovers and pussycats.


2. Which is not true of photos 1-6 (things to do) in Christchurch?
a) There is a native tree with yellow flowers now.
b) There are introduced trees with pink blossoms.
c) There is nothing to do in Christchurch.
d) There is an antique form of transportation to ride.


3. In October
a) you can't go kayaking.
b) there are not many blossoms and flowers.
c) you can't buy strawberries.
d) none of the above is true.


4. The Halloween costumes
a) are worn at parties.
b) are crazy, fun and sometimes scary.
c) are occasionally worn for 'trick and treat' like the American custom.
d) are all of the above.


5. The River Avon is deep.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given


6. A busker is playing some music at the Arts Centre.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given


7. Halloween is the 31st of October.
a) True
b) False
c) Not Given