My Favourite websites for Language Learning

There are six choices now: general sites, listening and music, spelling and vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking, reading and writing and special sites for project work.

Click the yellow or blue links under each heading.

At the bottom is a link to games and some interactive exercises.

Listening and Music Spelling and Vocabulary

Reading, grammar and British culture. All the skills. English and maths from BBC. Academic level and general English Heaps of short quizzes on all grammar structures. Some free stuff and Intermediate level/academic topics. English AND other languages - easy, medium and difficult quizzes for grammar and vocabulary.

Interactive games for education English, math, social studies, music and spanish for SMARTBOARD as well.

Useful site for Spanish speakers Portal to academic topic infographics and teacher resources. Very short news clips. Not always appropriate.

Jess found this ESL resource

Portal to all kinds of activities Great if you like learning from songs. Cool for listening to songs from Elementary to Intermediate. Great if you like learning from songs. Randall's Listening lab has easy medium and difficult US conversations with 100s of topics. Real native speakers from poetry to songs - all levels. British or US accent, 3 levels with text. Often academic themes. Travel around New Zealand, meeting New Zealanders and great videos. Cool! International students,just like you, talking about all kinds of things- from Elementary to advanced level.

Some fun videos, especially about verbs from teachers.

Nathan Hall has a great site with heaps of academic listening, stories, news and lecture site links. This is also an app for your smartphone. Make your own lists, listen to spelling and corrections Give a grain of rice to a hungry person everytime you choose a correct word meaning. Run by WHOrg. Great vocabulary quizzes and picture matching games. Lots of categories of vocabulary from others or make your own lists - pronunciation, pictures, games... Click on pictures to hear the word pronounced. a really fast dictionary. collocation- view in Wordle! Dictionary, word of the day, quick quizzes.

Oxford University Press vocabulary bank with exercises crosswords and word search.

Popular spelling games

The Ultimate Spelling Resource Guide The guide includes spelling strategies, commonly mispelled words, and other spelling tips and resources.

/elementary/c_pronunciation Vowel and consonant. Click on pictures and repeat the word and sound. Talking dictionary. You can create lists of up to 15 words.

Want to get ready for driving in New Zealand?

This site is used and or recommended by Literacy Aotearoa, NZ police, St John's Ambulance, most driving instructors, schools, universities, Tourism NZ, Tourism Industry Association, immigration advisers and more. Quizzes to help you get your NZ driving license. Free course to increase your reading speed. Australian ancient stories with MP3, quiz and video, study guide etc. Academic dishonesty, business English etc (US). Sentence structure writing practice, especially verbs but also adjective and noun clauses.

New English File Text Builder Read the text, take out some or all of the words and rebuild the text. To improve your typing speed, accuracy and knowledge.

Writeandimprove.comTo help you with grammar and structure of your writing just copy and paste your text into the box and get feedback Not just for teachers! 'How to' instruction videos Audacity recording voice software. Hundreds of useful tools for teachers and learners. Alternatives to Powerpoint presentation. Not just for teachers! 'How to' instruction videos for heaps of sites, apps etc. Receive and write postcards (but not electronic ones).