Listening and reading practice
Look at the blue bar under each person. Each person talks about different things. Choose one person and click the yellow title of the listening eg for Bill, Playing at a nightclub. You need Quicktime to listen to the movie but you can read the text in the text box and answer the questions for reading practice too. Just choose the best answer and click the button on the left of this answer. At the end click the 'How well did I do?' button for the answers.
  Interviews With Bill    
  Bill Hynson    
    Scuba diving gear 1  
  Guitar parts   Scuba diving gear 2  
  Banjo styles      
    Interviews with Mark  
  A famous Rugby Player The History of the All Blacks name  
      The History of Rugby  
  Interview with Julie   Interview with David  
  A holiday   Aotearoa waka  
  Things to do and see at Crabi      
Interview with Moira
Interview with Paula